the thirt year of TEST & EXPO VYSOČINA ARENA
August 10th - 12th, 2018

The dates of regional exhibitions and fairs across Europe have been moved into the summer months. That is why we decided to change the dates for a more business-friendly and strategic date in August as well.

High attendace thanks to the Bike for Life finale
Media popular and spacious location of the Vysočina Arena
Petr Čech and Kastar – the organizors with long time experience

Target group: General Public

The goal of the fair is a combination of an active attendance of visitors in cycling competitions and events with testing bikes and a presentation of new products for the upcoming season. Also, the finale of the largest series of BMX race „Bike for Life“ will happen during the same weekend in the Arena. The event is regularly attended by more than 2,000 racers and thousands of visitors accompanying the bikers. This fact, along with other contests and events will guarantee a solid attendance of the show. We can also expect the long holiday weekend to help the total visitor attendance.

Target group: Professionals

Our effort to restore a tradition of a high quality off season fair is based on a strategically chosen autumn date in combination with an ideal venue, which is the famed Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic. Without a proper autumn fair it would be very difficult for the professionals in the field to be able to gain knowledge of new goods and innovations on our market. Also, they would not be able to compare them with competition. All that conveniently for a low cost, short time and at one place. This is one of the main reasons events like this are held. The dealers and store owners are simply not able to attend tens of similar meetings across both the Czech and Slovak republics due to their time and cost consumption. Also, the absence of dealers in their stores is harmful to their businesses. That is why our goal is to offer them more product presentations, technical workshops and chances to test the bikes at one place. The concentration of valuable information, low costs and, most importantly, time saving are true cogent arguments for dealers to come to Vysočina Arena and participate.

Our offer for exhibitors

Days for professionals in the field

  • Product presentations of participating brands
  • Testing bikes
  • Expert workshops and technical trainings
  • Expert conference on e-bikes
  • Public contest for mechanics
  • Active participation in accompanying contests
  • Night-time XC criterion for exhibitors and dealers
  • Evening party for improving business relations among dealers

Days for general public

  • presentation of current products and innovations for the upcoming season
  • testing of all types of bikes on designated trails
  • direct selling from exhibitions
  • public presentations of repair service in “men at work” section
  • public contest for mechanics
  • introduction of new products and public figures on stage – your partner or advertising attendance in accompanying contests

TEST & EXPO service offers:

  • rooms equipped with audio visual technology for product presentations
  • rooms and outside exhibition tents for technical trainings and practical workshops
  • designated test trails – asphalt, single track and endure trails
  • database of all registered traders
  • expert conference on e-bikes
  • night-time XC criterion for exhibitors and dealers
  • camping for your caravans, RVs or tents

Exhibition space and services price list

The minimum exhibition space for rent is 6 m2. In case of using an expo truck, the whole space of the tent including the vehicle space is calculated.

Renting of an exhibition space

Space Price
6 – 49 m2 700 CZK/m2
50 – 99 m2 600 CZK/m2
More than 100 m2 500 CZK/m2
  • possibility to park one vehicle (passenger or van) in your exposition space free of charge, other vehicles can be parked on a public parking lot also free of charge
  • In case or renting a covered expo-tent the price will be calculated based on specific size and equipment
  • the rate for electric power (including inspection) is a lump-sum of 1,100 CZK not including tax for all exhibition days
  • other services possible on your request
  • catering is arranged for the whole duration of the event in a designated section, including the Friday and Saturday party (it is also possible to order food and beverage delivery to your exposition)
  • the price for placing your advertisement within the arena and alongside the testing trails is individual and based on a total size of requested surface
  • your company’s logo and web page will be put on the official TEST & EXPO web page immediately after your registration
  • we provide a physical night-long security of your exposition and your displayed goods
  • the invoice payment for renting the exposition space and other services is required in full till July 7th, 2018 the latest
  • Our organizing team is looking forward to collaborating with you! Team’s photo

    Karel Stárek
    Karel Stárek
    managing director
    00420 - 736 631 007
    Karla Karbanová
    Karla Karbanová
    00420 - 730 548 461
    Martin Karban
    Martin Karban
    00420 - 730 548 438
    Tomáš Hykl
    Tomáš Hykl
    koordinace a marketing Petr Čech Sport a.s.
    00420 - 730 548 438

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    Petr Čech,

    jedna z nejvýznamější a nejúspešnějších sportovních osobností novodobých dějin ČR, se chce ještě více zaměřit na podporu a rozvoj sportu u nás, a to především rozvoj sportu rodinného. Rozhodl se investovat do sportovních projektů ČS MTB Teamu s cílem rozvinout je do větší šíře a přitáhnout ke sportu ještě více rodin, včetně dětí od nejnižšího věku. Projekty považuje za mimořádný sportovně - společenský počin a míní se dále angažovat v jejich rozvoji i osobně.


    Jaroslav Kulhavý,

    nejlepší český biker současnosti a jeden z nejlepších světových cyklistů, se pro rok 2015 stává tváří seriálu Kolo pro život. On sám na závodech KPŽ vyrůstal a v rámci možností svého závodního kalendáře se závodů aktivně účastní i nadále. Chce být vzorem a učitelem zejména pro mladé nadějné bikery, ale bude jistě motivací i pro všechny ostatní děti a dospělé, aby vyměnili televizi za kolo a strávili den na čerstvém vzduchu, v sedle kola, s dalšími členy rodiny.